Indian handicrafts rocks

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What a good and nice looking necklaces, all these things come from the Indian handicrafts, they are made to make their necks decorated. many of the Indian people are wearing these kind of thing in their necks, wearing this beautiful necklaces, many men can be attracted, or many women are attracted, in India normally men […]

Humayun’s tomb: The first garden-tomb in India

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Culture, history and tradition of peoples in a country help and contribute to the development of historical places, points of interests or tourists spots in a country. What is happening today is history in the future. Unintentionally people make contributions for the future on what they have done. It can be inventions, in architecture, landscapes, […]

The Indian community

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What do you think about India? India is known among the largest country India is the seventh. India has a great power that the world called it as one of the largest purchasing power parity. India is a big nation that can carry big population, actually, India is a country that has a population of […]