Indian handicrafts rocks

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What a good and nice looking necklaces, all these things come from the Indian handicrafts, they are made to make their necks decorated. many of the Indian people are wearing these kind of thing in their necks, wearing this beautiful necklaces, many men can be attracted, or many women are attracted, in India normally men should give gold to their fiancee so that they can have their wedding, many people say that in India no gold no wedding, so in order for the male to find their wife, they should be ready to give the gold to the family of their wife to be.

Because gold is needed for the wedding to happen, Indian families save up for their weddings lives.

Actually most of the people in India are very kind and very down to the earth. they accept their visitors warmly and almost all of them are very hospitable.

Indians like to make handicrafts because most of the people who to go their own church worship their gods and looking into the statue of their hand made God, Indian people are very much. serious when it comes to religion.

Islam and Hindu is the most common religion in India. and many of the peoples in India devote all their lives for their faith in their gods, all of them wants to be blessed, and they believe that blessings are given if they fully devote their lives for their gods. but if we see the art in the handicraft of India we can see that it is all shaped for the purpose of religions.