Welcome to the city of Jaipur where you can see the palace of winds’

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India is famous in many things. It can be because of its population where it ranked as the seventh in the whole world. But it does not stop there as there are many beautiful things that India can offer. It is good place for business because of a big market due to its number of population. It is also full of many points of interests located in different cities and places in the nation. Indians have the nature to want to boast their place and they are happy to take you around the points of interests they have.

In different Indian cities you can find many points of interest. Today let us give space to the city of Jaipur where you can find and explore the palace of winds. It is a palace that was built using pink or red sandstones and it is called hawa mahal. This palace is very complex containing elegant and luxurious 1700s palace and also a museum. This is the royal residence many years ago but some parts of it are still used as a royal residence.

In this city you can also find Amer fort. It is a hilltop fort and palace in the 16th century. Another port is Nahargarh fort also in a hilltop offering a wide and spacious view. One of its prides is jal mahal, a palace that is located in the center of a lake. If you want to find more information you can look at the other articles.