Introducing five of India’s painter of the 20th century

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In any age there are people who contribute to the society using their talents and skills. In the field of arts there are many well known contributors and their works are displayed in museums or libraries or galleries. They are also sold and belong to the collection of the rich whose past time and want is to collect pieces of art. In the India alone there are many artists that contribute to its present day status. Let us know some of them who have live and contributed their work in the 20th century.

We will know only five of them. Let us start with Raja Ravi Varma whose style is a mixed of Eurpean and Indian that is evident in his paintings.  Next is Amrita Shergill. The female artist who is considered the most well known. She is a half Hungarian and half Indian in blood and was educated in Europe that shows strongly in her paintings. She has the most expensive paintings in the country India SEO. Third is Maniam who is not just a painter but also an illustrator contributing an important role in bringing to imagery the novels and serials.

When you will know that the fourth in the list is Rabindranath Tagore who was first into literature and poetry before becoming a painter at the age of 60. He is colorblind and it is evidence in his works. The fifth is Abanindrath Tagore that pursues the traditional pure Indian style.