The Indian community

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What do you think about India? India is known among the largest country India is the seventh. India has a great power that the world called it as one of the largest purchasing power parity. India is a big nation that can carry big population, actually, India is a country that has a population of 1.2 billion people it’s not really surprising because of the large area of the country. The nation is known for natural resources and it’s great contribution to the transportation, the capital of this big country is New Delhi. India is a country were many gods and religions are there. Many people are normally worshiping a thousand of gods in their place, and don’t you know that in India those thousands of gods has their own names and many people call the name of their god one by one, all of these are the culture of Indians. First Islam is the religion of the most people in India but today India, is filled with numerous religions all around the country India.

But because of the rich gold and it’s fast growth the country becomes corrupt and all the people have to face the economic crisis of malnutrition, lack of public healthcare. But even though they are facing these kinds of hardships, this Indian society has a large group of armies. And because of these they become the sixth in the rank among the military soldiers in the world. this is a good news since tey have a man power like this they can protect their nation with pride.