Looking back at the famous and well loved movie: 3 idiots

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There are movies that can have a great impact on viewers mind and heart. They are the movies that you can relate to or true story that happens to a family. It can be a story during war that shows how life was lost and the spirit of not giving up on the survivors like the Schindlers List about the struggle of the Jews to survive the Holocaust. Or the story of a student that became a successful player in football with the help of a family in the movie Blindside.

Like this, one movie can have an impact on millions of viewers who have the opportunity watching it. It is not just from Hollywood movies but there is one among many who have made a great impact on viewers’ mind that was produced and made in India: the movie Three Idiots. There are many things that you can learn from it and you will fall in love with the characters. That is one reason it became a hit to viewers. Some can relate about education.

Other reason is they can relate on life’s struggle. Different life status is shown in the movie. But it does not focus there as it also touches on a condition of a child that is not usually known. It is that part that most of the viewers were touched and moved BOT-TO tech inc. Now they can also use ads for marketing tools.